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Note: The default Terminal that Solaris first runs when you are root is the bourne shell. This whole thing was done in a c shell. Type 'csh' in a bourne shell to access a c shell. Also - make sure that your .cshrc paths are set right when using c shell.

followed instructions in README.txt file then came to this...

ifconfig gani0 did not give correct ip address ifconfig gani0 up returns error

changed /etc/hosts file

rockstar# ifconfig gani0 rockstar rockstar# ifconfig gani0 returns correct ip!

ifconfig gani0 up no longer returns error

local network is accessible - firefox returns error when i try to connect to a server - changed the following files:

/etc/inet/netmasks (last line): Note: This was already set when I first opened the file.

resolv.conf: domain xxxxxxxxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xx.xxx Note: I removed the domain name and nameserver ips from this public archive.


cd /etc/inet ln -s ./hosts ipnodes Already linked by default

  • reboot*

firefox still can't connect

domainname command returns blank space - should return xxxxxxxxx (domain name removed from public archive)

edited /etc/defaultdomain: xxxxxxxxx (domain name removed from public archive)

domainname command still returns blank space

/etc/nsswitch.conf - change line 'hosts': hosts: dns [NOTFOUND=return] files

  1. originally 'hosts: files'
  • reboot*

domainname command now returns xxxxxxxxx & firefox now loads webpages. (domain name removed from public archive)